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Service of Morning Prayer 13 September 2020
Join us for our service of Morning Prayer as we think about the 10 Commandments

Service of Holy Communion 6 September 2020
Join us as we begin a short series looking at the life and ministry of Moses. Today we think about God speaking to Moses through the Burning Bush in Exodus 3

Virtual Sunday School 30 August
For our final Virtual Sunday School, join us we think about what it means for God to be King of everything, as we look at Psalm 47 together

Service of Holy Communion 30 August 2020
Join us for a service of Holy Communion as we think about being Living Sacrifices and read Romans 12.

All age service 23 August 2020
Join us for an all age service, with 2 children doing the reading, as we think about Jesus, the Good Shepherd

Virtual Sunday School for 16 August
Join us this week as we think about being good fruits, who stay connected to God

Service of Holy Communion 16 August 2020
Today, we welcome Rev Richard Plant to lead our service, and Margaret Kirkman preached.

Morning Prayer 9 August 2020
A short service of the Word thinking about Jesus' Praise Picnic and the feeding of the 5000

Virtual Sunday School for 2 August
Join us for the second week of our Summer Explorers sessions. This week, we think about God the Protector

Virtual Sunday School for 26 July
Join us here, or at church each week, as we learn more of God through his amazing creation. We will be Summer Explorers over the next 6 weeks